Small Industrial Revolution Counter

Heavy duty mechanical racket counter model MSJZ1151 is built tough for heavy duty industrial applications. It features metal frame, a 4-mm shaft on the right and 5 digit – two color display.

Four left digits count the number of revolutions of the shaft. The right digit is for fractional count. So the accuracy of the count is 0.1 turns. Counts from 0000.0 up to 9999.9 turns and then becomes zero again when it completes 10,000 turns. This counter can count up or down. It counts up when the shaft turns clockwise and it counts down when the shaft turns counter clockwise.

Display includes 5 large (5 mm x 3 mm) figures to provide easy readability. A reset button is located on the left side of the display.


Number of digits: 5                                          Price and Availability
weight: 205 grams
Shaft diameter: 4 mm
Exposed shaft length: 11 mm
Overall shaft length: 21 mm
Base: 58 mm x 47 mm
Height: 37 mm
Display size: 35 mm x 6 mm
Distance of mounting holes on each side: 30 mm

Disposable Revolution counter (Basic Low Speed)

Revolution counters count the number of rotations in a variety of equipment. This counter may be connected to mechanical equipment directly via the shaft or using gears and pulleys that can change the ratio of the count. MS-102B is usually mounted by two screws, but depending on the installation they may also be seated on an elastic pad.

Price and Availability

MS-102B is a 5-digit Revolution Counter with Nylon body and ABS casting. The exposed shaft is 10 mm long, 3 mm in diameter and is positioned on the right. 


  • Low Cost
  • Small size revolution-counter
  • Non-resetable
  • Right Shaft
  • Clockwise
  • 10 counts per each 360° rotation of shaft.
Technical parameters:
Digital specification
 mm:4X2 height X width 4X2
MAX Calculated Capacity
Transmission Ratio
Enviromental Temperature
Shaft PositionRight
Shaft Length10mm
Weight8.5 grams
Reset mode
Mounting Size

Revolution Counter MSJY316

MSJY316 is a high speed 5+1 digit revolution counter. MSJY316 has large digits for better visibility and is rated for speeds up to 360 rpm. The count ratio for the main 5 digits is 1:1. The The count ratio for the least significant extra digit is 1:12 (it counts 12 for each rotation). This counter can count up to 99,999 revolutions and then becomes 00000 again. Reset knob is on the left. The axles extends at least 25mm from each side. Either side can be used for counting. So one side counts up with clockwise rotation and the other side counts up with counter clockwise rotation. If you need this counter with wheels to measure lengths and distances please use the product code MSJY316W.

Base length = 111 mm
Base width = 64 mm
Height = 46 mm
Overall length (shaft) = 158 mm
Weight: 194 grams
with optional wheels: 432 grams              Price and Availability

Revolution Counter MSZ96F

MSZ96F is a large heavy-duty industrial revolution counter with metal base, metal frame, metal cover and metal axel. The red digit will count 3 for each turn of the axle. The four black digits will count one for each 3 turns of the axle. MSZ96F has large numbers of best visibility and is easy to use and install for different machinary. The axle is 7 mm in diameter and it extends 27 milimeters in each side. The reset button on the front can reset the counter with one push. The five digits count up to 99,999 that represents 33,333 turns of the shaft. It counts up or down depending on the direction of turning the shaft.

Display Ratio = 3:1
Weight: 272 grams
Length = 81 mm
Width = 48mm
Height = 48 mm
Overall length = 156 mm
560 grams
Axle Diameter = 7 mm

We are a wholesale supplier of industrial revolution counters. Please call for special pricing on quantities of 100 or more.         Price and Availability

Revolution Counter MSZ94F

MSZ94F is a 5-digit Right-angle heavy-duty revolution counter with double side accessible axle. A built-in gearbox in this counter have made it possible for the rotation axle to be vertical to the counter’s main axle. The counting ratio is 3:1. In other words it counts 1 for every 3 turns of the axle. It can count in either direction (increasing or decreasing). This counter has a reset knob that can be used to reset the counter to 00000 or 99999. After counting up to 99999, the counter continues to count from 00000. Large digits make it easy to read from distance.

Overall length = 143 mm
Counter Length = 68 mm
Counter Height = 48 mm
Counter Width = 35 mm
Digit Height = 7 mm
Axle Diameter = 7 mm
Weight = 330 gram                                     Price and Availability