Following are samples only and they have not been verified for accuracy. Use it at your own risk just to get some ideas. Click on a link to see the details:

  1. Simple Electric Circuit (Kit available)
  2. Make Electricity from fruits (Kit available)
  3. Make Electricity form Saltwater (Kit available)
  4. Advanced Air/Saltwater Battery
  5. Effect of Salt on Boiling temperature of Water
  6. Battery Power (Which battery lasts longer?)
  7. Clear or Opaque
  8. Wooden Generator (Kit available)
  9. Do Cooked Beans grow?
  10. What foods contains starch? (Kit available)
  11. Water Electrolysis
  12. Make a Telegraph Key/ Sounder
  13. Make Buzzer (Electromagnetism projects)
  14. Why do leaves change color in the fall?
  15. Electromagnet projects (Kit available)
  16. Make an Electric Generator (Kit available)
  17. Make a Simple Motor (Magnet Motor) (Kit available)
  18. Magnet Levitation (Kit available)
  19. Electricity and Conductivity Projects (Kit available)
  20. Steam Engine, Steam Boat
  21. Make a Motor Generator System (Kit available)
  22. Which type of food molds the fastest?
  23. Do detergents affect plant growth?
  24. Do Plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?
  25. Is plant growth affected by the amount of light received?
  26. Make a Model of DNA double Helix (Kit available)
  27. What effect does music have on plant growth?
  28. Will vitamins affect the growth of a plant?
  29. How does table salt affect the boiling temperature of water?
  30. Creating Your Own Water Cycle
  31. Slime Science (Kit available)
  32. (An introductory project in Chemistry and Material Science)
  33. How much water is in orange?
  34. Make a Compass
  35. Make Electricity from a Potato (Kit available)
  36. Floating Rings (Kit available)
  37. Simple magnet Levitation,Make a magnetic spring scale.
  38. Floating Wheels (Kit available)
  39. (Another magnet levitation experiment)
  40. Simple Machines using pulleys
  41. Compound Machines using pulleys
  42. Air propulsion motor boats (Simple electric circuit)
  43. Steam and air propulsion boats
  44. Make a model of human eye
  45. Human Brain
  46. Make a model of human heart
  47. Make a model of human ear
  48. Make models of different molecules
  49. Make a model of human kidney
  50. Solar Car (Try it as an engineering project, experimental science project or as a compound machine project)
  51. Human anatomy project
  52. Art/ craft projects for ages 4 to 9
  53. Strength of Electromagnet, Effect of coil loops
  54. Electric Door Chime
  55. Electric Launcher (Catapult)
  56. Solenoid
  57. Make a Mousetrap Powered Car (Kit available)
  58. (Engineering/ Technology Project)
  59. Electric Car (Kit available) (Engineering/ Technology Project)
  60. My First Catapult (Kit available)
  61. Gauss Rifle (A Magnetic Accelerator) (Kit available)
  62. Detecting and comparing UV radiation from the sun
  63. Solar Energy (Solar Heating)
  64. Rainfall Observation/ Recording
  65. Wall Coaster Project (Physics of gravity force, motion, speed)
    Grow household bacteria
  66. Pneumatic Lift (Kit available)
  67. Buzz Wire (Electronic Game Science Activity. Electricity and Conductivity project) (Kit available)
  68. Electric Bell
  69. Air propelled car model Parts (CHE_PROP)
  70. More projects coming soon…