This is the new home of MiniScience

Finally it is time for us to upgrade our old MiniScience website and get inline with new technologies. Now we need larger images and website format that is friendly in large screens as well as small smart phones. During this transition that will take a few months, we will keep our old MiniScience website accessible trough links and menu items or you may simply go to where you can find sample projects and instructions for science kits.

MiniScience online catalog will still be available at The MiniScience online store also is still available at For those of you who may like free shipping option or use PayPal to pay for your purchases we have created the website a few years ago. ScienceKitStore offers science education supplies, kits, laboratory supplies and some chemicals.

If you have trouble finding what you need, please send us an email at We don’t take phone orders but you are always welcome to call if you have problem with the website or need product information.