Electric Generator
 Electric Generator Science Kit: $28
Electric Generator Science set, also known as Wooden Generator is a simple experiment of producing electrical energy from mechanical energy. A moving magnetic field in the center of a coil can produce enough electricity to light up a light bulb (included) . The electric generator that you make can also be used for your presentation.

Electric Generator kit includes:

  • Web address for online instructions
  • Coil of Magnet Wire
  • Sand paper
  • Strong Magnet
  • Pre-cut and drilled wood pieces
  • Light bulb
  • Base for light bulb

Additional Materials Required: Additional Materials Required for your experiments can be found at home or purchased locally. Some of these material are:

  • Wood glue

Opportunities for Science Fair Projects
Making an electric generator provides many good options for a science fair project. Some of the questions that can be used for a science project are:

  • How does the speed of rotor affect the production of electrical energy in a generator?
  • How does the diameter of wire coil affect the production……….
  • How does the number of coils……..

 In setting up your project, you would first state the question or problem, then hypothesis, ( a guess as the answer to your problem), next procedure to check the hypothesis, and finally a conclusion that answers the stated problem based on what you actually observe in your research. In addition you may be interested in proposing your own, specific research that will expand on your conclusion.
Since magnets are visually enticing in themselves as they interact with each other, it would be strongly suggested that your presentation include the apparatus you used in your research.

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