The Wright Bat Vertical Flying Machine
Wilbur and Orville Wright (you've heard of them) played with a wooden version of this toy in 1878. Their father, Bishop Milton Wright, bought it for them as a gift. Wind the 9 1/2" rotor and let go - it flies straight up 20 or more feet!  Tie a light plastic ribbon tail to it as a stabilizer. 11 1/2" long. Durable plastic construction assembles in minutes. Making an flying write bat model is a simple step to learn about flight for ages 8 and up.

To learn about the history of flight you may use this website:  http://www.wright-brothers.org/

Wright Bat Instructions

1. Slide the center support onto the middle of the each long rod. Slide a sail on the lower half of each rod.
2. Slide the propeller and bottom brackets on the rod assembly. Adjust the center support so the sails are flush with the bottom bracket, as shown.
3. Slide the rubber band through the center support and attach to each wire hook, as shown. To ensure longer life of rubber band, lubricate with liquid soap.
4. Slide the square end of the cross arms through the sails and into the center support.
5. Wind the propeller clockwise. Start with 50 revolutions and increase a desired.
6. Release propeller while holding your bat vertical and release. Caution: Be sure to hold bat at arms length to prevent possible eye injury.

Adult supervision required for children.

If you don't have this kit, you can order it online. You may search for Wright Bat Kit.