Magnet Levitation Set
(Magnetic Levitating Train)

Please verify and compare the content of your kit with the list below.

Materials included in your kit:
  • 20 Ceramic Magnets
  • Super-strong NEODYMIUM Magnet
  • Hi-force Magnetic Strips
  • Plastic Guide Rails
  • Compass
  • Iron Filings
  • Wood Block
  • Wooden dowel
  • Online instructions

If any thing is missing, please call (973)777-3113 immediately and send us an email at

Additional materials you need:

  • Wood board or heavy cardboard 3" x 28" or larger. This will be the ground for your train.
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wood glue or Elmer glue to connect the foam parts
  • Nails with diameter less than the hole on the sheaves (Wheels)


  1. Magnets are fragile and break if they fall on a hard surface. 
  2. Magnets may cause permanent discoloration on televisions and computer monitors. 
  3. This kit contain small and sharp components. Keep them away from young children. 

Experiments in this kit include:

* Magnetic Levitating Train
* Magnetic Equilibrium
Floating Rings
* Print the magnetic field
* Magnet Suspension Apparatus

Click here to see the instructions for magnetic levitating train

Science Project Ideas

Following are some of the science project ideas related to magnet.
  1. Which household items are attracted by magnet?
  2. Which household items contain a magnet?
  3. How does the strength of a magnetic field change by the distance from magnet?
The above instructions are based on the materials included in the magnet levitation science set of If you don't have these materials yet, you may use the following link to order them.

Magnet Levitation Part#KITML

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