Thermoelectric Generator Science Set
Included in Kit:
(2) Metal Cans
(1) 23" Tie Strap
(2) Thermal Grease
4" Propeller
DC Motor Round
Thermoelectric Generator
10" Velcro Hook & Loop Strips (must be cut to size)
What Else is Needed:
Hot and Cold Water
Glass Alcohol Thermometer (optional)

Time Required:
20 Minutes

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Kit contents


Step 1:


Begin by placing the cans face to face (notice yellow labels). Center the thermoelectric generator on one of the cans so that you can position and stick the hook & look strips to the cans.




Step 2:

Apply thermal grease like pictured so that when you sandwich the thermoelectric generator between the two cans, it will have thermal grease on both sides.













View of front and back








Step 3:

Connect the propeller to the motor shaft.



Step 4:

Cut a small piece of the hook strip to place on the side (opposite side of thermoelectric generator) of the "COLD" can. Cut another small piece of the loop strip to place behind the motor.






Step 5:

Remove the motor with propeller so that you can put the tie strap around the two cans to secure them with less difficulty.


Step 6:

Connect black motor wire with black thermoelectric generator wire. Connect red motor wire with red thermoelectric generator wire.



Step 7:

Pour in your cold water to fill up 75% of the "Cold" can and then pour hot water to fill up 75% of the "Hot" can.




Obtain Data:

Since the thermoelectric generator works from temperature differentials, measure the temperature of both hot and cold liquids and see at which temperatures the propeller will start and then stop spinning . It may take a few minutes so record the time as well.




Thermoelectric Generator Kit



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