MiniScience is a wholesale distributor of Science Education Supplies. It started in 1998, backed by about 20 years experience in scientific and technological research. We believe education must be hands on and science education supplies must be widely available to students and teachers at lowest possible prices.

Our products are available online in two different e-commerce websites:

We are also maintaining this website as well as MiniScience catalog website for providing product information and instructions. Finally we host and maintain the website and a few other resources for science project ideas and procedures.

We offer support, financing and free advertisement for schools, libraries and qualified like minded individuals who want to be a local retailer of science education supplies. Please call us or send us an email if you are interested. Selling science education supplies is not a lucrative business, but it will serve our communities and profit margin is about 50%. It can be a side product line, a side business or a side income.

*  Minimum order requirements for free shipping may vary from time to time and depending on the products.

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