Typical list of second inventory items
Available for free to all schools.

Free products are available in our showroom located at 1074A Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011. Teachers may come to the showroom in person to inspect, select and pickup the products they need. Please call for appointment. There is a limit of $500 free items (based on retail price) for each school per month.

Product Description/ Condition Quantity Left
Copper Electrode Sample of copper metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 165
Zinc Electrode Sample of Zinc metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 192
Brass Electrode Sample of Brass metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 134
Aluminum Electrode Sample of Aluminum metal about 1x20x120 mm 199
Iron Electrode Sample of Iron metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 173
Bronze Electrode Sample of Bronze metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 144
Lead Electrode Sample of Lead metal about 1 x 20 x 120 mm 25
Ant Farm Castle Clear plastic castle for observing ants (New) 60
Twisty Balloons with pump Balloons with pump (New) 50
Wooden Rulers, Oven Sticks Advertising product of ScienceProject.com 100
Glass marbles Glass marbles, Diameter of 1/2" up to 1" 100
Garlic Press New, Overstock 100
Compass/ Thermometer Sports 2
Cotter Pins Pack of 158, assorted. For craft and eng. proj. 15
Perlized pins/ insect pins Pack of 80 3
Glass marbles (Assorted) For physics, mechanics experiments 100
Power adaptor AC/DC 110 AC to 6V DC 1
Keyboard extension cable Same as Mouse ext. cable. New, Disc. 7
Friction rods (Assorted) Resin, glass,.. 8
Rubber stoppers  Used, a few odd sizes 27
Portable Fans Battery operated, hand held fans 12
Skewer (Wooden) Pack of 100 24
Meat Thermometer New, Overstock 17
Oven Thermometer New 10
Collection of sea shells Including starfish (new) 7
Collection of insects Plastic models  (new) 11
Collection of snakes Plastic models (new) 9
Collection of Dinosaurs Plastic Models (new) 15
Collection of horses Plastic Models (new) 12
Collection of farm animals Plastic Models (new) 14
Glue Gun For crafts and art (new) 2
Computer mouse PS2 model, New, Overstock (new) 15
Computer Keyboards Used 2
Tally Counters (Defective, possibly repairable) 8
Styrofoam Balls 3" For art and crafts 167
Styrofoam Balls 2" For arts and crafts, models of planets, atoms, .. 210
Primary Balance Scale (with have small cracks, but is usable) 9
Power Cables For computers and other devices 17
External Floppy Disk Drive For Toshiba Laptop (used) 1
Monitor/ keyboard switch Share one monitor and one keyboard with 4 PC 1
Serial/ Parallel Converter Convert the ports in any computer 1
Parallel Printer Controller PC/AT board for adding printer ports to PCs 1
Stem Wire New overstock 50
DC Motor Kit New, Did not pass quality control 2

Please note that some of the above products may still be available for sale at SchoolOrders.com, and/or MiniScience.com

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